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Frequently asked questions

1. What materials can be applied with your truck-mounted blower equipment and what is the maximum distance you can cover?

We can quickly and easily apply an application of bark, topsoil, composted mulch or our own custom Bioseed blend for lawns, flowerbeds, gardens and a variety of residential and commercial applications. Three hundred feet of truck-mounted hose makes it simple to go over walls, fences, up and down hills and around trees or other obstacles.

2. Why use a blower truck instead of applying it manually?

Blowing produces a more even and uniform application with less waste. No wheelbarrows are required. No debris is left behind to clean up. An application for most lawns takes two hours or less time! Bioseed is quick, easy and efficient. It saves you time, money and aggravation..

3. Will this type of application hurt my existing lawn and plants?

Our skilled professional operator carefully inspects every job first, before proceeding to avoid damage and mistakes and to guarantee a fast, trouble-free application. We park our equipment on the street not on your lawn to protect it from ruts and gouges.

4. I have a sprinkler system. Will that be a problem?

Our Bioseed and mulching application won’t disturb your sprinkler system. However, if aeration is needed to improve your lawn’s capacity to hold water and reduce soil compaction, you will need to mark or flag your sprinkler heads so the operator can identify them. We do everything possible to ensure that the job is done right, the first time.

5. How is the clean up of dust and dirt handled?

Our blower-truck is equipped with a dust suppression system to control and reduce dust. Our crews perform a final clean-up with brooms and portable blowers before leaving each site.

6. What should I do to prepare for your crew?

Make sure the lawn area or all flowerbeds are edged and free of debris, especially pet droppings. Clearly, mark lawn and flowerbed boundaries and indicate any changes that you may desire. Planting of flowers; shrubs and trees must be completed before any application of mulch or Bioseed.

7. How thick can material be applied?

Depending on the material, applications can range from ˝” to 6” or more as the job requires

8. What does it cost?

Most mulching and Bioseed jobs are priced by the cubic Yard with a minimum of 10 yards, but this may vary depending on the type of service you require.

9. How can I arrange for an estimate?

All you have to do is call us at 248-298-2419 to schedule an appointment and set up a visit.

10. What are the terms of payment?

Payment is due upon completion of the work. Prepayment is also an acceptable option.