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American Mulching and Seeding was established in 2002. American Mulching and Seeding supplies professional residential and commercial mulching, seeding and erosion control services to architects, builders, developers, homeowners, landscape contractors, municipalities, realtors, property managers and sports facilities.

We combine 21st century technology with old-fashioned common sense to make the formerly labor intensive job of mulching, seeding and fertilizing into a simpler and less time-consuming process.

Our exclusive one step Bioseeding process uses enzyme rich, recycled compost. It is weed and insect free and provides natural, easily absorbed nutrients to promote rapid and healthy root growth. The Bioseed process helps to improve drought stress-tolerance, resists insects and disease while reducing the need for fertilizer and irrigation.

Bioseedís rich, dense layer of compost is amazing in its ability to absorb and hold moisture deep down at the root level and under the protective top layer. It is like no other product being used in the industry today. Bioseedís compost protects seed and roots from the elements and stimulates faster germination with 50% less evaporation than paper or plastic mulches.

From landscaping large open areas to planting delicate flowerbeds and everything in between, American Mulching and Seeding delivers results that canít be achieved with manual spreading methods.